Video Editor

Make Beautiful Videos with Video Editor

Video Editor

A handy Video Editor tool to beautify your videos. Edit, reverse, cut, crop and many more features in line, All for FREE. Its an awesome Free Video Editor and Maker app. You can make Photos to Video Slideshow, slow or fast motion, Boomerang video and more, This app lets you make videos more beautiful within few clicks.

Kidz Play and Learn

Learn Maths, Words, Clock by playing

Kidz Play and Learn

Kidz - Play and Learn is an learning application with fun. Verious lessions about Math, Spellings, Clocks, Plurals are made in very funny and engaging manner which would be like a Game to play for Kids. Its a free learning game designed to teach young children numbers and mathematics.

Peacock, Wild life and Nature Frames

Many Jungle, Cat, Peacock Frames

Peacock Photo Frames

Create awesome and nice photos by embedding your photos in Peacock and Wild Life Jungle photo frames. Design your lovely photos with photo frames and make them memorable. Photo Effects : Add various kind of photo effects to your embeded photos in Peacock photo frames and make them more beautiful and memorable.

3D Cube Live Wallpaper

Auto Rotating 3D Live Cube

3D Cube Wallpaper

Set a Rotating 3D Cube Live Wallpaper with your images on each side of Cube from Gallery or Camera with adding different effects and frames. Configure Speed, Rotation and Size of 3D Cube Live wallpaper for your device or tablet. You can move the Cube or rotate by touch also when the 3D Cube Live Wallpaper is set.

Play Truth or Dare

Play Truth Or Dare Game with Friends

Truth or Dare

Lets gather and Get to know about your friends, family members, colleague for real by playing a traditional game of Truth Or Dare! It is a perfect way to know more about people and share things. This is the perfect Truth or Dare Game for teenagers, family, friends and parties.

GIF Maker and Video to GIF

Make GIF from Images or VIDEO

GIF Maker

A Small must have tool to create GIF on the go using this lite weight application, much required application to create small GIF, create gif from images or convert video to gif and share them to Social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

Smart Block List of Calls

A Smart Incoming Call Block list

Smart Blacklist

Are you tired of annoying calls or messages? telemarketing, spam and robocalls? then "Call Blacklist" is for you. It has very nice and easy interface, lightweight, yet powerful call blocker application. You can block numbers from your Phone-book contacts list, during calls, or add them manually. Once you blacklist a number, calls from that number are blocked quietly and without any signs of a call.

Mobile Number Tracker and Locator

Live Mobile Number Caller ID Finder

Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Call Number Tracker and Blacklist lets you to find and see city, state of any mobile number or fixed/land line phone number. This mobile number Mobile Call Number Tracker will search the location(city, state, country and even service providers) of the phone and mobile number and show it on the map. It is a small tool through which you can easily find all the current locations.

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Incoming/Outgoing Call Recorder

Call Recorder

Record voice incoming and outgoing calls automatically. It provides a unique feature to view the call recordings in which you can view calls of specific persons grouped with their thread name its like call history threading. You can configure how to record calls and which calls to record or which not to under preferences.

GPS Driving Route and Navigation

Route Finder

Driving Route Finder lets you find route between any two locations in any city, state and country. It is very easy to find navigation route using Driving Route Finder. Driving Route Finder is a GPS based Route Finder which lets you find the driving route in few seconds between any two locations you select.

Birthday Anniversary Calcualtor

Birthday Anniversary Date/Age calculator

Anniversary Birthday

Calculate for much time you are married in years, months, days even in hours and seconds. Find your next Birthday remaining time and on which day of week it will be falling for coming years. Find your exact age on specific date.

Calculate your Body BMI

Find your Body Fitness with BMI

Body BMI

Health is a big concern these days in fast life and health is all about diet and exercise. Check your BMI level also known as Body Mass Index by entering your weight and height. BMI score tells level of fat in body as per your height and weight.

Simple Multi Title Value Counter

Simple Multi Title Value Counter

Counter - Multi Title

Counter - Multi Titles is a small utility app to count the values of any title or label, the count is persisted and can be viewed any time or the counting can be continued later. it support count of values for multiple titles and labels, those can be increased or decreased at the same screen or can be opened in different dedicated screen to count.

PIN Your Work

A Work Reminder PIN Application

PIN Work

Posting PIN Notes Notification in Status bar about a work to be done at certain time makes it more likely to have attention. These Status Bar PINs work as reminding pins to you. Whenever you scroll the Status bar to see notifications, all pending works PIN notification will be there to remind you.

World ISD Codes

View List of World ISD Codes

World ISD Codes

Lookup for any country's short two digit code, dialing codes. Simply type the country name to search in the list for its details. View country two digit code and Dialing Codes.Access your dialing codes search history and manage.

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